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MINE TRX is a unique mining simulator that allows you to earn from 200% to 300% profit in 30 days. You can earn from anywhere, our site is optimized for any device.

You do not need to stay on the site, the mining process takes place even in your absence. All you need to do to start earning is to make a deposit of 10 .

Tariff plans

Name Bonus

Rate 1.00% per day


Min. 100 TRX

Max. 100 TRX

ROI Unlimited

Name Start

Rate 6.66% per day

Duration 30 days

Min. 100 TRX

Max. 3.470 TRX

ROI 200%

Name Exclusive

Rate 10% per day

Duration 30 days

Min. 3.471 TRX

Max. 100.000 TRX

ROI 300%

Do not miss the opportunity to earn on our referral program. We pay 7-2-1% of the deposit of each of your referrals.

You can use any advertising methods. You can also use our banner to promote your referral link.

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